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Hot Chef Round 1: Cafiero, McCarthy, Landry, Liebman, Gorham

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Voting in Portland's second-annual Hottest Chef competition continues with the third heat of the first round, after yesterday's bout that saw Beast's Mika Paredes just squeak out a victory against Saucebox's Alex Diestra. Good fight, you hotties.

Today, top seed Anthony Cafiero (the tempting toque at Tabla) faces off again stiff competition from sweetly sustainable Brian Landry (Bamboo Sushi), coquettish Kat Liebman (Cocotte), guy-who-reveals-ass-on-internet John Gorham (Toro Bravo, Tasty N Sons), and 10-topping Jeff McCarthy (Kitchen Cru). As per usual, the winner of this heat advances to the semifinals, and voting ends at noon tomorrow (Saturday).

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