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Typhoon! Thai Chain Permanently Shutters All Locations

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After a tumultous year that saw lawsuits, flagship closures, and the death of co-founder Steve Kline, the Typhoon! Thai chain permanently shuttered all locations on Saturday. After the September 2011 closure of its two downtown Portland locations, Typhoon! still operated its restaurant on NW 23rd, as well as outlets in Beaverton, Greshman, Bend, and Redmond, Washington.

Co-owner Bo Kline announced the closures in a press release, saying,

"Opening Typhoon! was a lifelong dream come true, but it was a venture that I didn't begin alone... As many in the community are aware, I lost my husband, my business and life partner, Steve, last year. Without his energy, support and commitment, operating Typhoon! has required much more attention than I am able to give and has begun to take a toll on my health."

In late 2011, the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries filed former charges against the Klines, after state regulators ruled that their restaurant violated state wage-and-hour laws and anti-discrimination laws. B. Kline opened the first Typhoon! location in 1995.
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Image of Typhoon! West Linn courtesy Facebook


2310 NW Everett St., Portland OR