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Naomi Pomeroy Relocating Beast, Making Menu Changes

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Naomi Pomeroy is on the move. Or, at least, will be soon. Portland Monthly reports that Pomeroy will not renew the lease at Beast's current NE Killingsworth location, instead using the opportunity to branch out to a larger (possibly downtown) location.

And with that physical move, a stylistic one is in the works, as well. According to PoMo's Karen Brooks, Pomeroy plans to give Beast's famous six-course menus a shake-up, adding the option of more casual dining experiences and a full bar: "The signature communal dinners will stay, but Beast will unleash a bar with a playful menu and seasonal cocktails that break with Portland’s manly bourbon and bitter-centric drinks." (Ideas are in the amorphous stage: Pomeroy also expresses interest in lunch service, tapas-style dining, and a brick-and-mortar food cart concept.) Pomeroy's current lease ends in August, and the new site search ongoing. More information as it becomes available.
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