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Biwa Celebrates Fifth Anniversary with Menu Specials

Gabe Rosen's industry hangout Biwa celebrates its fifth anniversary this week with a slew of menu specials that reflect on the restaurant's past — as well as its future, according to Rosen.

One special dish takes center stage each day this week. Tonight (Tuesday), Biwa will unveil its long-rumored Biwa taco (in an interview with PoMo earlier this month, Rosen described the dish as "a miso carnitas and a kimchi 'chilli verde'-type chicken"), while Wednesday will see the return of Biwa's bi bim bap and Friday will feature Rosen's take on the spicy Szechuan dish mabo dofu. Thursday, the restaurant's official birthday, will feature the famous Biwa burger available all night long — and 10% of all proceeds will be donated to the Spring for Zenger fundraiser.
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Image of Biwa by Dina Avila/EPDX