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Former Top Chef Contestant to Open PDX Indian Spot?

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According to the gossips at Eater Chicago, Top Chef season five contestant Radhika Desai — a longtime Chicago resident and alum of English and Between Boutique Café & Lounge — has moved to Portland, currently working at chef Jenn Louis' catering company Culinary Artistry, as well as at the Pearl District's Bluehour, under chef Thomas Boyce. But perhaps most tantalizingly: Desai is "hoping to open her own place in the next year or so focusing on a melding of Northwest cuisine meets Mumbai."

Desai, who made it to the top six of her Top Chef season, described her style of cooking to Bravo as "globally eclectic with a huge spoonful of love." After her season aired, Desai announced intentions to open her own Indian-French restaurant, but instead joined the British-inspired gastropub English in early 2009. More information as it becomes available.
· Top Chef Update: Radhika Desai Leaves [Eater Chicago]

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