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Chefs Hyperbolically Hint at Upcoming Cochon Menus

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The traveling pork orgy known as Cochon 555 is scheduled to re-appear in Portland this weekend (taking over downtown's the Original on Sunday, March 11), and for the uninitiated, the event features five local chefsVitaly Paley (Paley's Place), Naomi Pomeroy (Beast), Adam Sappington (The Country Cat), Jason Barwikowski (The Woodsman Tavern), and Rita Jia You (Lucky Strike) — competing in a whole-hog cook-off featuring heritage pigs.

In Eater's attempt to garner menu details before shit goes down on Sunday, the participating chefs played competitively coy.

Jia You revealed names of two dishes ("Sausage Party" and "Drunken Belly"), while Barwikowski hinted that his plate will highlight his Polish roots. Paley, who's been playing around with pig options for the past few weeks, will serve a croquette made from pig face and pig feet (his forthcomingness also comes with the confident suggestion to "imagine a hot, pillowy, crunchy, crispy, and really tasty one-bite wonder.") And Sappington, ever the bard, offered a menu hint in the form of a haiku: "Stuffin and Rubbin / Braising, Smoking, and Mixing / It's porkalicious!"

The Original, host of the event's official after-party, will prepare even more pork for the post-party crowd, with dishes like bacon apple fritters' deviled ham, smoked trout and Ritz crackers; pork cotton candy; bacon fudge; and (this is apparently a real thing) pork soda. Seriously. Tickets to the event are still available here.
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