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Top Chef Season 10 Down to Portland vs. Seattle?

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Image courtesy radworld via Flickr

Over at the mothership, it's Top Chef rumormongering time: Back in February, it was rumored that Bravo was considering Boston, Seattle, and Portland as the possible host cities for the 10th season of the popular reality cooking competition.

And today, the Boston Herald reports that Beantown is probably out of the running, setting up a Top Chef: Northwest showdown. According to the Herald, "[Boston] and its local businesses failed to cook up the cash and a big enough sponsorship deal" to secure the series. Word is that it's down to Portland or Seattle, with the winning city having "coughed up free hotel rooms." What say you, @MayorSamAdams? Or has anyone spotted Bravo location scouts in the area recently? You know what to do.
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