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Cart Pod Focused on Asian Food Opening on NE Alberta

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NE Alberta will soon welcome a new food cart pod, according to Food Carts Portland. The co-operative four-cart "mini-pod" Alberta15, appropriately set for the intersection of NE 15th and Alberta, will aim to recreate the Asian street food scene, with cuisines inspired by the cart owners' travels to Tokyo, Bangkok, Bangalore, Honolulu, and Suva Fiji.

The pod will feature carts like Stumptown Dumplings (which offers steamed bao and dumplings, the latter in varieties like the "sassy spinach," combining spinach, bean thread noodles, egg, and baked tofu in a spinach juice-infused wheat wrapper); yakitori cart Yakinese; an all-katsu cart Katsu Zoku; and the paleo-friendly (and not-really-that-Asian) Cultured Caveman. (And yes, the pod will feature a heated, covered seating area for the colder, wetter months.) A quick Google search shows that plans to open a cart pod in that location reach back to March 2009; the pod's official grand opening is May 31.
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Image of Stumptown Dumplings courtesy Facebook


NE Alberta St. and NE 15th Ave., Portland, OR