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Radhika Desai Announces Simpatica Dinner, Menu

As previously reported, recent Chicago transplant (and Top Chef alum) Radhika Desai has plans to open an Indian restaurant in Portland, with a concept heavily influenced by her family's native Goan cuisine. (According to Desai, the region — touching the Arabain Sea on India's west coast — highlights fresh seafood and lighter flavors than the more-familiar curry-house dishes).

In preparation, Desai has announced an introductory preview dinner at Simpatica Dining Hall on Friday, May 11, featuring both family-style and plated dishes, that hint toward the upcoming concept. Examples: a tamarind, garlic, and ginger gnocchi with masala cram; rice flour-crusted Dungeness crab; and a duck egg curry served with ramps, leeks, chorizo, and potato hash.

- Sabudhana (white tapioca and potato) Vada Dumplings, Nettle Kaffir Lime Chutney
- Tamarind, Garlic and Ginger Gnocchi with Garam Masala Cream
- Mint and Spring Garlic Lamb Kabobs, Roasted Cumin Brown Butter
- Rice Flour Crusted Masala Dungeness Crab with N's Pea Shoot Salad, Roasted Garlic Yellow Lentils
- Sprouted Moong Daal, Braised Lamb, Coconut, Fried Rapini
- Banana Leaf wrapped Cod, Cilantro, pickled Radish, cracked Coriander
- "Duck Egg Curry", ramps, leeks, chorizo, potato hash, fried cumin bread
- Falooda: Porland Rose Syrup, Mini Black Tapioca Pearls, Vanilla Ice Cream, Rice Noodles, Splash of Campari

Reservations are $45 and available by calling the restaurant; more information about Desai's upcoming space as it becomes available.
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Image of Simpatica courtesy eyeliam via Flickr

Simpatica Dining Hall

828 SE Ash Street, Portland, OR 97214