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Genoa Launching 'Guest Chef' Collaborative Dinner Series

Longtime Belmont spot Genoa is well-known as a local "culinary academy" of sorts (famous alums include Cathy Whims, John Toboada, Tommy Habetz, and Jerry Huisinga, just to name a few), and to celebrate the spot's storied history, current chef David Anderson has announced the launch of a new monthly "guest chef" dinner series. Tentatively scheduled for the last Sunday of each month, the dinners will see Anderson collaborating with "chefs who are shaping the culinary landscape with a unique point of view":

"The goal for these events is to... collaborat[e] in a way that pushes some boundaries and explores how their philosophy can be melded with our own distinct point of view. The goal is to create an experience, an exploration that is both sensual and intellectual, an interactive experience."

The first dinner sees another Genoa alum — Tabla chef Anthony Cafiero — collaborative during a six-course dinner on Sunday, April 29. (Tabla is owned by yet-another Genoa alum, Adam Berger, showing how seriously incestuous the industry can be.) Reservations to the inaugural dinner are $120 and available here.
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