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Introducing Eater's First-Ever Pizza Week: Featuring Special, Off-Menu Pizzas

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Ladies and gentlemen, Eater readers of all ages, please inch a little closer to the computer screen for a special announcement. Starting right now and ending, oh, around 5pm Friday, Eater will be your headquarters for all things pizza for this, our first-ever Eater Pizza Week. We're going to sit down with some of the city's best pizzamakers, talk to chefs about their favorite slices, and feature all manner of pizza-centric guides and more.

And that's not all: In celebration of this auspicious Eater endeavor, Eater asked four restaurants that currently do not have pizzas on the menu to make a special Eater Pizza Week creation, and those special Eater creations will be available to the dining masses all this week. Every day we'll highlight a different pizza, but below is a quick guide to what's being offered. (Food porn alert!)

All Eater Pizza images by Avila/EPDX

June: Chef Greg Perrault fires up a pizza (using Greenwillow Grains's flour) featuring clams, ramps, and coppa. It's available on June's dinner menu starting Wednesday.

Bunk Bar: Bunk's Tommy Habetz whips up a classic margharita-style pizza... on a super-thin, crisp tortilla. It'll be available on Bunk Bar's late-night menu for pizza week.

Cheese Bar: Monger of cheese Steve Jones whips up two Eater creations, available on the regular menu: The first, a carmelized onion, comté, and raclette cheese with toasted English walnuts and an arugula emulsion. The second features brebis (from Black Sheep Creamery), an emulsification of Mama Lil's peppers, piparra peppers, and calabrese salami from Fino in Fondo.

Bluehour: Chef Thomas Boyce (who technically features an occasional pizza on Bluehour's bar menu) whips up a special Eater pizza, featuring morels and sauteed ramps over a mozzarella and fromage blanc base. It'll be at the Bluehour bar all this week.

This should be fun. Stay tuned. #pizzaweek