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June Chef Greg Perrault Ramps Up a Clam Pizza

As part of Eater's first-ever Pizza Week, chefs at four Portland restaurants that normally don't serve pizzas agreed to make a special Eater Pizza, just for us (and you — they're available on the menu all this week). Every day we'll highlight a new item... and next up, June's Greg Perrault mans the grill and oven for his ramp-laden creation.

[Avila, 5/3/12]

The ever-evolving menu at Greg Perrault's E. Burnside restaurant June sees the chef's seasonal inspiration culminating in composed plates. But for Perrault's special Eater pizza, the chef combined his eye for seasonal ingredients — (ZOMG) ramps — with a comforting flatbread concept.

To construct the clam pizza, Perrault first stretches his dough — made with sprouted radish seeds and locally milled whole wheat from Greenwillow Farms — and grills the dough on medium heat. Ramp leaves get a quick saute, and after the dough is flipped on its second side, the chef layers on the leaves, ricotta cheese, clams, pickled ramp stems, and house-made coppa. The entire flatbread goes directly on the rack in a hot oven until the clams pop open, at which point Perrault finishes the dish with a drizzle of reduced cream flavored with anise seed. Order one up: It'll be on the June menu throughout the week.
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