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A Modernist Cuisine Dinner; Seattle's First Cart Pod

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Welcome back to the I-5 High Five, a look at restaurant news from up-and-down the Pacific Northwest corridor.


SEATTLE—Ever wonder what a 30-course dinner cooked up by Modernist Cuisine chef Maxime Billet would taste like? Eater Seattle reports that 25 seats to the first-ever "Modernist Cuisine Feast" are now up for auction on eBay, with proceeds benefitting a slew of charities, including Hunger Intervention Program, Food Lifeline, and the Farmer's Coalition. Current minimum bid for the June 21 dinner is $610; check the eBay link for some major menu porn (the "Tasting of NW Shellfish" section features a spaghetti alle vongole with "geoduck, vacuum-molded, centrifuged broth"). [-ESEA-, eBay]

SEATTLE—Eater Seattle hears the the Emerald City's first food cart pod is headed for the Belltown neighborhood. According to "a longtime neighborhood restaurateur," a half-block formerly home to condemned apartments is being groomed as a potential pod site, in an effort to attract more sidewalk traffic to the neighborhood. [-ESEA-]