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Laurelwood Brewery Opening Sellwood Public House

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Per the magical world of liquor license applications, Laurelwood Brewing Co. will open a new public house on SE Milwaukie, in the former home of Moreland House restaurant/bar. Laurelwood owner Michael De Kalb has applied for a license to open a 105-seat spot at the busy Milwaukie/SE Bybee intersection, just around from corner from Lompoc Brewing's Oaks Bottom Public House.

The new location will be Laurelwood's fifth in operation — with a flagship brewery in NE Portland, a WA location, and two pubs inside the PDX airport — and marks a revival of sorts for the 11-year-old "family friendly" brewpub. In 2010, Laurelwood closed its pizza-serving Hollywood location, with the shutter of its NW public house following in 2011. More information about the Sellwod opening as it becomes available.
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Laurelwood SE Public House

6716 SE Milwaukie Ave., Portland, OR