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Burnside's Guild Pub House Shutters for the Second Time

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A new group of owners couldn't resurrect Burnside's Guild Public House — according to an online announcement, the spot has shuttered for the second time in nine months. Per a message on the official Facebook page, owners Justin Akins (the owner of Vintage Cocktail Bar), Kenny Hill (of Trebol), and Daniel Roy (partner/self-proclaimed beer nerd) write: "On behalf of the owners and bartenders at The Guild I would like to thank you for your patronage. Effective immediately The Guild is closed."

The Guild originally opened in January 2011 as a project by former politician Jesse Cornett; when Cornett closed up shop eight months later, Akins, Hill, and Roy took over the concept and revamped the menu to include whiskey-centric cocktails and Hill's taco-focused pub grub.

And with the quick demise of the Guild 2.0, cue those "cursed space" distinctions. Prior to Cornett's version of the Guild, it housed the short-lived Report Lounge; before that, it was the velvet-roped Chesterfield. The building's most high-profile shutter, chef Leather Storrs' Rocket, called it quits one floor up in 2008, though the building's biggest success story is in Storrs' top-floor Noble Rot, which recently celebrated its 11th anniversary.

More information about the Guild shutter as it becomes available.
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Guild Public House

1101 E Burnside, Portland, OR