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Gourdet on Portland Dining; Diner Hints Explained

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Three more Portland-in-media blips for the afternoon:

DOWNTOWN—Hot chef Greg Gourdet (of downtown's rooftop Departure) chats with the Daily Meal (on video!) about Portland's produce-driven dining scene. Example: "It's about being able to tell your guests that this salmon was caught two days ago by these Native Americans just a few miles out on the Columbia River. It's really about connecting and being able to offer that treatment so they're getting more than just a delicious meal." [Daily Meal]

DOWNTOWN—Wanna get into Oregonian restaurant critic Michael Russell's head? Here, he explains the series of clues that went into the Restaurant of the Year guessing game. Among the fun facts revealed: "On the Bus Mall" is one of Russell's "favorite tracks from The Decemberists' 2005 album Picaresque." The more you know. [OregonLive]

PEARL DISTRICT—Still more national love for the just-opened Riffle NW: Chef Ken Norris shares his recipe for tuna salad with Tasting Table. [TT]


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