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Inside Marco Frattaroli's Cibo, Firing Up Early Next Week

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[Avila, 6/26/12]

Chef Marco Frattaroli, of the Alphabet District's 20-year-old Bastas Trattoria, is ready to swing the doors open at his second restaurant, SE Division's Cibo. Unlike Bastas' all-encompassing menu with meats and pastas, the new 80-seat restaurant has been designed around the concept of the cecina, a topped chickpea flatbread, and hand-pulled pizzas fired in an imported (and extremely shiny) Liguria oven.

As promised, the space features a 60-seat wraparound bar, where guests at one of 30 wine-barrel seats can gather to watch the oven in action. In addition to pizzas and stromboli, Frattaroli will offer plates of house-made charcuterie, fish baked in Pampano sea salt, and Pax romana sausage (served with Foccaccia, relish, and house mustard). Though original plans were to debut tonight, Cibo is now scheduled to open to the public sometime early next week; stay tuned for the official launch date.
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