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Lake Oswego's Scratch Expands, Adds Kitchen @ Scratch

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Chef Patrick Lee Warner, of Lake Oswego's Scratch Foods, has never been shy about expansion goals (over the past couple years, Warner's experimented with a downtown lunch counter and has thrown around ideas for a Scratch Burger concept. But Warner's most recent (and relatively under-the-radar) expansion sits closer to home: After a quick build-out earlier this week, Scratch has branched out into the space next door, marking the debut of a new (sister) concept, the Kitchen @ Scratch. "It's been three years of working in a shoebox, and now we're working in a shoe store."

According to Warner, the new space, which boasts a completely open kitchen, "has its own identity," with a streamlined, industrial look. Unlike the seated Scratch dining room, the Kitchen @ will offer a prix fixe, chef's tasting menu nightly, with casual seating available at a communal table. The space will also function as a site for cooking classes, naturopathic seminars, and "cooking socials," which Warner describes as "kind of like a live taping of a cooking show." The Kitchen @ Scratch is open now.
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