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Patrón Secret Dining Society: Your Seat Awaits

PSDS_488.jpgThis year in Nashville, Patrón Social Club members were greeted by a street performer bearing silver Patrón pendants in her guitar case, which granted them entrance to the abandoned top floor of a 35 story building. This is just one of many surprises you'll experience as a Patrón Secret Dining Society guest. For months, a small group of people dream up the best possible Patrón Secret Dining Society events in complete secrecy. And now those events are finally upon us.

The next event will be announced on June 15th at 4pm. Join the Patrón Social Club today and if it lands in your city, you'll have 3 days to answer a riddle for a chance to attend.

We've already seen the expert tequila and food pairings from talent such as, Marcus Samuelsson, Rick Bayless and Michelle Berstein. You don't want to miss out on the next one. >>