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Preview Big-Ass and Bunk on Best Sandwich in America

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In case viewing parties and a daily sandwich special didn't provide enough cues, Portland has two dogs in the fight during tonight's episode of the Travel Channel's Best Sandwich in America: Bunk Sandwiches' pork belly Cubano and Big-Ass Sandwiches' roast beef sandwich will both meet host Adam Richman's mouth during the Northwest region's episode (they'll take on a sandwich from Seattle's Salumi). The episode airs at 9p.m. tonight, but in case some appetites need whetting, the Travel Channel offers up these two 60-second clips:

Big-Ass Sandwiches' roast beef:

Bunk Sandwiches' pork belly Cubano:

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Big-Ass Sandwiches

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Bunk Sandwiches

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