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Scandalmaker Beau Breedlove Opening French Cafe

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Today in unlikely restaurateurs: Infamous Portlander Beau Breedlove (the gentleman who engaged in an affair with Mayor Sam Adams in 2005, the revelation of which lead to a political scandal in 2009) is opening a "French dance cafe" on South Waterfront, dubbed Vie. WWeek was the first to spot the OLCC liquor license application, and Breedlove told the alt-weekly that the spot will serve French Provencal cuisine. As far as that "dance" part: "We'll have a small area for slow dancing and such, and later in the evening expand it to a larger space for dancing."

Not word yet on the chef involved, though WW reports that the spot hopes to be open "in the next seven to 10 weeks."

This is what happens when one searches "French dance cafe" on Flickr. Image courtesy StephenCarlile via Flickr

315 SW Montgomery St. #150, Portland, OR


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