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Here's a Roundup of the Feast PDX 2012 Media Frenzy

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Feast Portland may now be a fond memory (or patchy drunken haze, whichever), but the accompanying media frenzy is in full swing. Here's a roundup of the ink spilled so far:

National media:
· Bon Appetit Heads West for Feast Portland [BA]
· We Eat All the Sandwiches at the Sandwich Invitational [Serious Eats]
· The Dream of the Foodies is Alive in Portland: Feast Fodder [Zagat]
· Big Weekend: Feast Portland [FoodRepublic]
· Team-Ups: Inside Matthew Lightner and Sean Brock's Feast Portland Dinner [Grub Street NY]
· An Unforgettable 10-Course, 5-Hour Dinner at Feast Portland [SunBreak]

Local media:
· A Feast to Remember [Portland Monthly]
· Feast Diaries: 72 Hours of Wretched Excess [WWeek]
· Feast Portland 2012: Michael Russell's Daily Diary [OregonLive]