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Dolan Lane on New Role at Bluehour, Clarklewis Changes

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With last week's word that clarklewis chef/co-owner Dolan Lane has replaced Thomas Boyce at Bluehour, there are various transitions that will happen at both restaurants, none more so than for Lane himself. In a quick Q&A, Lane addressed the changes now happening at two of the most popular establishments in the Bruce Carey restaurant empire:

Now that you are the executive chef at Bluehour, are you leaving clarklewis?
I am still the executive chef at clarklewis. I have moved my sous chef Kyo Koo into a chef de cuisine role and Gonzague Kuttemann has also moved up into the sous chef position.

How do you see your role at both establishments?
I am very fortunate to be overseeing two very capable kitchens. In this type of role, which will be very similar to what my role was at clarklewis, it will be about providing support and guidance to my chefs and staff. That always plays out in different ways (menu writing, foraging the right product, training, all the administrative stuff that is the reality of this business, etc.).

What does the future hold, menu-wise, for both Bluehour and clarklewis?
At clarklewis we continue with the same goals, working with local producers and presenting them in a very smart approachable manner. The exciting part is having Kyo Koo getting much more involved to inspire more new favorites. At Bluehour, I hope to bring some of those same sensibilities in an elegant style and look forward to the inspiration that the dining room and the ever faithful guests bring.
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Image of Dolan Lane courtesy Avila/EPDX


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