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Essential Evoe Update: Kevin Gibson Leaving Nov. 2

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Photo of Gibson at Evoe courtesy Avila/EPDX

As previously reported, chef Kevin Gibson will soon open his own restaurant in E. Burnside's former June space — it now has a name, Davenport — and his longtime employers at Evoe have announced his final day in the non-kitchen: November 2. Pastaworks also confirms that the Evoe counter, inside its SE Hawthorne market, will continue on:

So, what's the word on Evoe? Over the last couple of weeks, diners have been flowing in asking Kevin's cooking compatriots, Teressa and Nat, if Evoe was going to continue on. And the answer is... YES! Pastawork's little Euro-style lunch counter has been embraced by Portland and we're looking forward to Teressa and Nat taking the helm. They'll continue making Evoe's beloved sandwiches, salads and small plates, AND yes friends, we're going to add a pasta dish to the menu. We'll also be tweaking the hours just a bit. Starting November 6, we'll be open Wednesday through Sunday 11a.m.-3ish.

Davenport, meanwhile, still has a TBD opening date.
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