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What Restaurant Dish Is Portland's Best Hangover Cure?

Photo of the Country Cat courtesy Avila/EPDX

As Portland Cocktail Week comes to a close this weekend, Eater is just ramping things up: Starting Monday, we'll start pouring our second-annual Eater Cocktail Week, a celebration of all things craft cocktail. So to keep momentum going and help bridge that Pedialyte-and-Advil-filled gap between this week and next, we'd like to open the floor to some reader pro-tips: What restaurant dish is your go-to hangover cure?

Whether it's a gravy-laden diner breakfast, Chinese food delivered to your door, or a toast to "hair of the dog" with a big Bloody Mary, give your hangover cure of choice a shout in the comments. (Need some inspiration? Here's where some of Portland's top bartenders go for their hangover meals.) As per usual, we'll round up the responses in a map for next week.
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