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Apt. Manager: 'Bands of Sous Chefs' Are Stealing Greens

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Apartment manager Martin Connolly has come forward as the Redditor complaining about local sous chefs foraging his property, and in a report on KATU, Connolly presents his evidence that Portland chefs are his building's most frequently returning pests. "If you live in Portland, you have to know what comes with the neighborhood, and in this case, it's bands of sous-chefs," Connolly says, noting that several restaurants are a stone's throw from his apartment building on SE Hawthorne and 16th Avenue.

According to Connolly, despite posting several "No Trespassing" signs, he's found evidence that chefs are on his property, including beard nets and a discarded recipe for "PDX pork belly." (Seriously.) There's also apparently a distinguished scent left behind by local cooks: "Sometimes smells like brisket." (Seriously. This is all apparently very serious.) The news report, go watch:

· "No Herb is Safe" from Weed-Stealing Sous Chefs [KATU]
· Redditor to PDX Chefs: Stop Foraging from My Yard [Eater PDX]

SE Hawthorne Blvd. and SE 16th Ave.