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Peek Inside Heart's West End Cafe, Now Open

[Avila, 11/14/13]

And now, a quick spin inside the new West End outpost of Heart Coffee Roasters, which opened earlier this month next door to Alpine spot Gruner. In addition to roaster Wille Yli-Luoma's familiar micro-roasts, the westside location expands its menu offerings to feature more savory lunchtime snacks that (unsurprisingly) pair well with coffee.

According to Rebekah Yli-Luoma, Kim Boyce's Bakeshop stocks the pastry case with morning croissants, bran muffins, and tomato/cheese flatbreads; Bakeshop also provides a Heart baguette served either with apple butter or as part of a sandwich (currently, it's a cured ham, butter, and cornichon baguette). Also on the menu: Products by mostly-raw purveyor Pixie Retreat, which supplies raw sweet pudding cups, sticky buns, and a "mostly raw" millet burger that Rebekah calls "flavorful, filling, super-healthy, and [something that] makes you feel like you are indulging." (Pixie also supplies Heart with non-dairy hazelnut milk it uses in its drinks.) Heart West End is open now. Hours of operation: 7a.m.-5p.m., Monday throuth Friday; 8a.m.-5p.m., Saturday and Sunday.
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