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Taq Nueve Plans January Opening, Launches Kickstarter

Billy Schumaker and Brent Richford, the duo behind the much-anticipated resurrection of the much-missed Taqueria Nueve, bring an essential update on build-out, currently underway in the former Beaker & Flask space: Richford tells Eater T9 hopes for a January 10 opening. Schumaker and Richford have "gutted" the existing dining room, bringing back T9's familiar bright-pink wall and, according to a just-launched Kickstarter campaign, are "working with our metal smith and wood workers to create subtle design elements that you might have noticed in the previous T9 as well."

In their crowd-funding efforts, Schumaker and Richford say they've scured 85 percent of their investment, and are seeking the final $25,000 to fund "special touches in the dining room and finding the rest of our kitchen equipment." (Among the Kickstarter rewards: a pass that allows only its holders to make reservations at the restaurant, once open.) Updates as they become available.
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Taqueria Nueve (T9)

727 SE Washington St, Portland, OR 97214

Taqueria Nueve

727 SE Washington St., Portland, OR