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Food Experts Make Their Headline Predictions for 2014

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As is the tradition at Eater, our closeout of the year is a survey of local food writers, industry types, and friends. Thus far, we've covered the single best meals, biggest dining surprises, top dining neighborhoods, and more. And now, the finale: Responses are related in no particular order; all are cut, pasted, and unedited herein.


Photo of Stumptown courtesy potential past via Flickr; all other photos courtesy Avila/EPDX

Q: What are your headline predictions for 2014?

Ben Tepler, contributing food writer, Portland Monthly:
· Pepe Le Moko Slated to Open January…2020. Also, Pepe Le Moko Not Pepe Le Moko's Real Name.
· Ken Forkish Admits He Is Gluten Intolerant
· Micah Camden to Release a Brand-New Ramen Burger…also considering killing Portlanders with a cronut burger from Blue Star Donuts

Dina Avila, freelance/Eater photographer, Eater PDX
Expansion. I think many of our chefs (and bakers and bartenders, for that matter) are needing/wanting a new venue to cook in: a new kitchen that will inspire fresh ideas and help them stretch their creative muscles. I'm excited, for example to see what Aaron Barnett has up his sleeve for the new St. Jack in NW. Also, I think (hope) there will be less pomp about cooking with local ingredients, because, as we reallywant you to use local and natural ingredients (and expect it), we are also all sick of hearing about it.

Andy Kryza, senior editor, Thrillist:
ChefStable Files for Autonomy, Purchases Williams Ave.

Paul Gerald, author, Breakfast in Bridgetown:
My best guess is that, right now, on any given weekend day, there are about 160 places serving breakfast or brunch in town. It's been going up for years, but I predict that in 2014 it plateaus. Okay, that's more of a hope, but still. It has to slow down, right?

Jordan Michelman, founder,
· Duane Sorenson To Open Italian Digestif, Espresso, & Vaporizer Bar In Downtown Vancouver
· Scotch Whisky Enthusiast Enjoys Proper Service, Reasonable Wait Time at Multnomah Whiskey Library
· BREAKING: Interesting New Restaurant Opens In St. Johns
· The Red Fox Declared Best No-Nonsense Bar On Planet, To Universal Acclaim
· Heart Coffee Roasters Repatriates Staff To Finland

Georgia Frances King, editor, Kinfolk Magazine:
Stampede at Voodoo Donuts Leaves 3 Tourists Injured: Blue Star devotees watch on, chortling into their blueberry bourbon basil dough rounds.

Byron Beck, local gadfly and Eater contributor,
· Old Town will see an upsurge in prospective restaurant interest after Ryan Magarian opens his new bar behind what used to be Ping (and near a new boutique hotel).
· I still believe, as I did last year, that Clyde Common's Jeffrey Morgenthaler will somehow end up shirtless on some bachelor-style show, especially due to the fact he has a book to promote.
· Micah Camden will finally find a space he doesn't like and has no intention in turning it into some sort of ramen/burger/sushi/biscuit/donut joint... oh, hell... I take  that back. Camden still needs to conquer the world of soft foods — including gelatins, soup and cheese. Camden will make the early-bird dinner crowd hip.
· And I am fairly certain a very high-profile restaurant/bar will land in the big, new hotel that is coming downtown that no one is willing to talk about...yet.

Karen Foley, founder, Imbibe Magazine:
Hopefully more happening downtown and continuing to see NW 23rd get revitalized.

Michael Zusman, author and freelance restaurant writer:
· Seafood Stocks Plummet; Prices Rocket. From my reading and eating, I see this headline in our short-term future, maybe even in 2014. Far less seafood of all sorts, and what remains available will be too expensive for most. I don't have any policy prescriptions and am skeptical of those that do. I love everything from the sea, so I want to be wrong about this prediction. But my fear is that many underwater favorites will soon go the way of the Beluga sturgeon.
· Vegetables' Relentless March to Front-and-Center: A meal of meat, starch and veg was what I grew up with. The meat was the main, the other components played supporting roles. "Small plates" dining introduced more modular meals — a little of this and a little of that, as one pleased. Now, the push is on to bring produce into preeminence. The forces underlying the movement are a mixed bag, legitimate and not so much, ranging from the medical/insurance complex to environmentalists to animal rights activists to upper middle class white elitists looking to sell books and lecture tickets. Regardless of source or probity, the movement has unmistakable and building momentum.

Don Bourassa, community director, PDX Yelp:
My dream headline for 2014: "The F*cking Construction On Division Is Finally Over!" More likely headline: "Salt & Straw Partners With Pine State Biscuits For Reggie Deluxe Ice Cream. World Implodes."

Allison Jones, web editor, Portland Monthly:
· Fermented foods will become the new bacon — I'm thinking beet kvass in cocktails, kimchi on pizza, sauerkraut brine in salad dressings, candied kombucha SCOBYs, real yogurt in everything.
· Portland kitchens will draw in more and more nationally — and internationally —known chefs.
· ...and the city's first 100 percent Paleo brick-and-mortar will open on Division. Okay, that last one's just wishful thinking.

Drew Tyson, editor, Thrillist PDX:
· Quality Delivery Comes to Portland
· Pok Pok Opens in LA
· Foursquare Use Doubles
· Stumptown is the New Starbucks (· Portland Gets Its Own Section in the New York Times

PDX Food Dude, editor,
I haven't got a clue. The food scene always surprises.

Chris Onstad, restaurant critic, Portland Mercury:
The wave of local cookbooks has only just begun. I'm looking forward to the next round of projects, because I know many chefs whose approaches and techniques deserve airtime. 

Mike Thelin, co-founder, Feast Portland:
Portland is going to dominate the Beard Cookbook Awards — or at least have a huge presence with nominations. Toro Bravo, Pok Pok, and Le Pigeon are all about as good as cookbooks can be. Also let's not forget Michael Zusman/Zukin's cookbook and others. There is always so much attention on Portland chefs, and that's great, but we are a powerhouse city when it comes to great cookbook authors. 

Karen Brooks, food critic, Portland Monthly Magazine:
Gluten-free is the new pork belly.

Erin DeJesus, editor, Eater PDX:
· NYT Manages to Write Article About Portland Without Referencing Portlandia (Just kidding! That will never happen.)

Adam Lindsley, freelance food writer, Serious Eats/The Oregonian:
· Portland's First World-Class Malaysian Restaurant Closes After 3 Months Due to Lack of Interest
· Southeast Division Resident Goes on 12-State Killing Spree When Unable to Find Parking in Front of Home for 15th Time That Week
· Danny Bowien Opens Mission Chinese Food Outpost in Portland. (Okay, that last one might just be wishful thinking on my part.)

Anne Marie DiStefano, restaurant critic, Portland Tribune:
New Food-Based Reality Show to be Filmed in Portland

Chris Angelus, founder, Portland Food Adventures:
Two companies combine marketing efforts to become Jacobsen Salt and Straw

Martin Cizmar, arts and culture editor, Willamette Week:
· Karen Brooks Writes Witty Metaphor to Praise New Duane Sorenson Project
· Michael Russell Gives Up Faux Anonymity, Admits Everyone in Industry Already Knows What He Looks Like Since He's Done Chef Interviews in Person and had Oregonian Photographer Tag Along with Him on BBQ Assignment
· Chris Onstad Enjoys Sandwich
· Michael C. Zusman "Disappointed" by Restaurant He Insists that He "Really Wanted to Like"
· Matthew Korfhage Uses Several 15-Plus-Letter Thesaurus Words to Describe Very Basic Polish Pastry
· Martin Cizmar Loves Very Spicy Thing and Also Very Sweet Thing; Gets Into Twitter Beef About Stupid Thing; Requests Forgiveness for Jokes Above and Wishes Everyone a Happy New Year

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