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Behold an All-Gingerbread Replica of Portland Circa 1913

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Photos courtesy the Benson Hotel

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, downtown's Benson Hotel dedicated its annual gingerbread "house" to creating — as you do — a replica of the city of Portland, circa 1913. According to reps, Benson pastry chef David Diffendorfer started conceptualizing the 50-pound gingerbread city back in September, in tandem with the Oregon Historical Society.

The finished product features 127 buildings, 200 pounds of marzipan, and landmarks like Union Station (complete with tiny trains), the Morrison Bridge flanked by a tiny ship, and the Weinhard brewhouse. (One historical incongruity: the appearance of the White Stag sign, which was apparently added to the Portland skyline in 1940.) The gingerbread city is open to the public through December 27.
· Benson Hotel [Official site]

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