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What Portland Restaurant is Your Guilty Pleasure?

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It's Friday and time to hear from the crowd. Have a topic you'd like discussed among Eater readers? Send it here.


Image of Arby's courtesy Lulu Hoeller via Flickr

Guilty pleasures are amongst life's greatest pleasures — who doesn't love the taste of (slightly) forbidden fruit? With that in mind, this week's Friday Open Thread invites you proclaim your love for the restaurants that elicit eye-rolls from foodie friends: What Portland restaurant is your ultimate guilty pleasure? Maybe it's a national chain or something of the drive-through variety; maybe it's a spot where you recklessly abandon all concerns for calorie counts, your vegetarianism, or any semblance of "healthy" habits. Or perhaps it's a restaurant you see on the side because your significant other — for whatever reason — refuses to eat there.

It's time to shed the shame — share your guilty pleasures in the comments or via the tipline. As per usual, we'll map out the favorites next week.
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