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Barwikowski at Seattle's Cochon; Medley Tea Opens

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SEATTLE—Traveling pork orgy Cochon 555 will unfortunately not make a pit-stop in Portland this year (wonder why), but one Portland chef will still be competing: Eater Seattle reports that the Woodsman Tavern's Jason Barwikowski — who won Portland's 2010 event — will participate in the Seattle Cochon, scheduled for March 17 at the Cedarbrook Lodge. Barwikowski will take on the likes of Seattle's Jason Franey (from Canlis) and Johnathan Sundstrom (from Lark). More information and tickets here. [-ESEA-]

SOUTHWEST—Multnomah Village recently welcomed a new tea shop in the form of Medley Tea, Eat Beat reports. The spot serves "afternoon tea" seven days a week from 2p.m. to 5p.m. [Eat Beat]

W. BURNSIDE—The Oregonian reports that W. Burnside's former Soi9 space — a stone's throw from Jeld-Wen Field — will soon become Portland Urban Bistro. A look at an early menu reveals 10 sandwich/burger options and standard pub fare like chicken wings and fish-and-chips. [OregonLive]

Image of Jason Barwikowski courtesy Avila/EPDX