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Clubby 'Underground Market' Hits PDX After Seattle Stint

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Heard about the "Portland Underground Market"?

An "incubator" for new food talent, and based on a foodie fest in San Francisco, this newbie invite-only meet-up is taking place Saturday night at a still-to-be disclosed location. It's supposed to allow said "talent" to share their dishes with attendants, all the while building up a fan base (aka Facebook likes) and at some point maybe even start a restaurant. Founder Michaela Graham launched a similar concept in Atlanta (dubbed "Atlanta Nosh") before bringing the idea to Seattle in September of last year. The Seattle stint was short-lived, and announced its final event earlier in January.

Perhaps the Portland market will prove more welcoming. For the inaugural event, the five-dollar entry fee will give participants a chance to taste small portions of bites like truffle mushroom tacos, curry fish balls stuffed with fish roe, and avocado mousse nests — all priced from one to five dollars.

Those wanting to attend need to join the club at here. Only registered members will get the location, password and link for ticket purchase the night before.
· Portland Underground Market [Official site]