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What are Portland's Best Restaurants for Dining Solo?

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It's Friday and time to hear from the crowd. Have a topic you'd like discussed among Eater readers? Send it here.


Image of Le Pigeon's chef counter courtesy Avila/EPDX

Table for one? With the Valentine's Day bullet train coming next week, Eater would like to recognize all the lonely hearts out there with this week's Open Thread question: What are the best Portland restaurants for dining alone? Whether it's because a multi-person reservation is near impossible or the chef's counter provides ample entertainment, shout-out the spots where bellying up to the bar by yourself is preferable to sharing family-style plates amongst friends.

Tell us your go-to spot for dining solo — and why it's your favorite. As per usual, we'll compile the comments left here and sent into the tipline into a handy map next week. Solo travelers coming to Portland will thank you.

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