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Sizzle Pie Re-Issues Its Awesome April Fool's Prank

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While the internet's busy drumming up all sorts of fake crap for April Fool's Day, here's a prank worth having pulled on you: In a tradition started last year, the folks at rock 'n roll pizza joint Sizzle Pie are faking people out with these "parking tickets" that in actuality, are redeemable for a free slice of pizza at either location.

Last year, Sizzle Pie issued 200 free pizza tickets under the guise of bright orange parking tickets (along with a post-prank message "Our apologies to the 200 people we pranked today. Hopefully the free slice makes up for your heart skipping a beat"). No word on the exact number of prank tickets floating the streets of Portland this year, but a message on Sizzle's official Facebook page at least gives people a warning: "We love you, so be on the look out for these..."
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Sizzle Pie

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