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Caffe Mingo Renovates, Reopens with 'Pared-Down' Menu

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NW Portland's longtime Italian spot Caffe Mingo has re-opened after a planned renovation stretched two weeks past its original target date. (Chef Jerry Huisinga's sister restaurant Bar Mingo remained open for business in the duration.) The Oregonian reports that the renovation sees mostly changes in the 20-year-old kitchen (with the dining room maintaining the original vibe), although the time off inspired a shift in the nightly dinner menu. Owner Michael Cronen tells the O:

"When you add things to the menu, it's sometimes hard to take them away because they develop a following. We decided we didn't want to reopen full-tilt, and we like it. We're pared-down, and that's the direction we're going to take."

Caffe Mingo opened on NW 21st Avenue in 1991.
· Caffe Mingo [Official site]

Image of Caffe Mingo courtesy Facebook

Caffe Mingo

811 Northwest 21st Avenue, , OR 97209 (503) 445-4646 Visit Website

Caffe Mingo

807 NW 21st Ave., Portland, OR