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NW 21st Dive Bar/Greasy Spoon Joe's Cellar Shutters

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Beloved dive bar/greasy spoon Joe's Cellar closed for business after service on Sunday night, after more than 70 years serving NW 21st's legions of breakfast-eaters. The Portland Mercury broke the news late Friday night, reporting that the historic building — originally constructed in 1909 and moved to the NW 21st site in 1911 — was forced to close by city inspectors, who deemed the structure unsafe. According to employees, Joe's owners have no plans to re-locate or re-open elsewhere.

Per the restaurant's official historiography (printed on the diner menu), Joe's Cellar cafe originally opened in 1941 as a "workingman's diner," and has enjoyed incarnations over the years as the Nimar Cafe, the Dinner Bell, the Ace of Diamonds, and the Smoke Stack before becoming the dive known for its eclectic regulars and karaoke nights. RIP.
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Image of Joe's Cellar courtesy davidburn via Flickr

Joe's Cellar

1332 NW 21st Ave., Portland, OR