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Old Town's LGBT Burger Bar Hamburger Mary's Shutters

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Second time wasn't the charm: Old Town's gay-friendly burger joint/bar Hamburger Mary's permanently closed over the weekend. WWeek broke the news, which was confirmed on the spot's Facebook page after service on Sunday night:

Well, I guess the time has come, as the rumors are a-spreadin'. Hamburger Mary's Portland is closing her doors at this location tonight right after Charity Bingo ends. The evil landlords finally won this battle. More details to follow tomorrow, but stop by and give us hugs and do a shot with us, as our hearts are heavy. We love you, Portland!!!

This most-recent Portland outpost of the national chain opened in Old Town in 2010, after many persistant rumors of its location kept fans guessing for months. (The "original" PDX Mary's, located at SW Taylor and 9th Avenue, was a landmark for the local LGBT community in the '70s and '80s.) Hamburger Mary's, perhaps best known for its inclusive drag nights, still operates nine other locations nationally.

UPDATE: Per another Facebook update, Hamburger Mary's is hoping for yet-another Portland resurrection: "We are looking to relocate and for a new investor... We love you so much, Portland and we do not want to go away for good. We wanna stay in Old Town where we belong!!"
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Image of Hamburger Mary's courtesy Facebook

Hamburger Mary's

19 NW 5th Ave., Portland, OR