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'Cursed' NE MLK Space to Welcome Pasta Allegro

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The space most recently home to Carpaccio Trattoria is getting another Italian restaurant, this time in the counter-service spot Pasta Allegro. According to the official website, the "Meal-Assembly concept" will allow guests to mix-and-match "entree type, sauces, and various toppings," with dishes hitting the spot's wood-fired oven to be ready "within minutes." A happy hour menu and promise of chef's specials suggest there will be some predetermined menu options, like fried mozzarella with marinara sauce, bruschetta, and kale and white bean soup.

The difficult space on the corner of NE MLK and Fremont housed chef Francesco Solda's Carpaccio Trattoria for eight months; its previous two tenants, Belly and Terrior, folded after three years and six months, respectively.

Pasta Allegro currently plans to be open lunch through dinner; no word on official opening date.
· Pasta Allegro [Official site]

Image of Pasta Allegro courtesy Facebook

Pasta Allegro

3500 NE MLK Blvd., Portland, OR