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Lompoc Tavern Update; More 'Street Seats' Coming

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NORTHWEST/ALPHABET DISTRICT—Construction is underway at the new NW 23rd iteration of the New Old Lompoc pub, which was bulldozed last spring to make way for new condos. The spot, now called the Lompoc Tavern, is aiming for a mid-May opening. [EaterWire]

NORTHEAST—NE's Green Castle cart pod recently welcomed a hookah cart in the form of Nargila Garden, reports Food Carts Portland. In addition to smokes, the spot also offers food like charcuterie plates and lamb or lentil stews over basmati rice. [FCP]

EVERYWHERE—More outdoor restaurant seating may be taking over Portland streets this year: The Oregonian reports that 32 organizations (from restaurants to neighborhood associations) have already applied for the Portland Bureau of Transportation's "Street Seats" program this year, which allows business to install seating on city-owned streets, sidewalks, and parking spaces. Last year, three restaurants — Oven & Shaker, Wafu, and the Mississippi Pizza Pub — participated in the pilot program, which ChefStable owner Kurt Huffman called "a no-brainer." Per the O, the city is accepting applications from interested parties through May 1. [OregonLive]

Image courtesy Lompoc Brewing

Lompoc Tavern

1620 NW 23rd Ave, Portland, OR 97210 503-894-9374