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Tarad's Engaging Northern Thai; 'Friendly' Oro di Napoli


The Mercury's Chris Onstad discovers "intense, complex, and engaging" dishes at SE Morrison's Tarad, the hybrid restaurant/mini-marketplace that specializes in Northern Thai food. Per Onstad, a deft touch and balance of flavors come to the fore here — "freshness and lightness of touch emanate from nearly every item" — especially in dishes like the khao soi gai and pad thai bo-raan. Ultimately, Onstad dubs the spot a solid bet where dishes "ranged from very good to noteworthy," and he offers one pro tip: beware the chile oil that accompanies the khao soi gai. "[It] napalmed the back of my throat with such intensity that I coughed like a rookie stoner for two minutes — and that was from less than one drop." [Mercury]

The Oregonian's David Sarasohn extolls the virtues of the neighborhood Italian restaurant, judging N. Williams' Oro di Napoli based upon those deep traditions. Though not the most ambitious of Italian spots, Oro does offer a "heartening" prosciutto involtini, beef-and-pork meatballs with a "pulsing" tomato sauce, and a boscaiola pizza that arrives with "considerable drama." Other dishes (croquettes, bruschetta, tiramisu) have a "limited impact" in terms of flavor, but ultimately, "Oro di Napoli may not be the most creative or ambitious restaurant. But it's reasonably priced, reasonably skilled, often interesting and consistently welcoming." [OregonLive]

Meanwhile, Portland Monthly shines the spotlight on another neighborhood spot — Foster-Powell's Lily Day Cafe, a retro diner that "already feels like a neighborhood institution." Props go to "monstrous" breakfast sandwiches that feature "creamy baked egg nested between soft slabs of grilled, buttered sourdough," and "dynamite" baked goods that may make the spot a destination. [PoMo]

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Tarad Thai Market and Restaurant

601 SE Morrison Street, Portland, OR 97214 503 234 4102 Visit Website

Oro Di Napoli

3600 N Williams Avenue, Portland, OR 97227 Visit Website