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Good Keuken Cooking School Opening in Old Salt

Chef Blake Van Roekel — a longtime instructor at the late Robert Reynolds' tight-knit Chef Studio community — will soon transition the Chef Studio family into a new culinary-education outfit. With Reynolds' school now described as living on "in spirit," Van Roekel has moved to NE Portland's new Old Salt Marketplace, building out her Good Keuken cooking school inside the collaborative marketplace. "The Chef Studio name, place and spirit were very much Robert's," Van Roekel says in an annoucement. "Sadly, it was an entity under which we cannot continue operating. Over the past year, we explored many angles and all arrows pointed to a new name and business structure."

Several Chef Studio alums are on the Good Keuken staff, including director of curriculum Robert Hammond and instructor/din din Supper Club chef Courtney Sproule. Construction is currently underway, with plans to open in June; a course schedule (including culinary immersions, foraging expeditions, and butchery classes in tandem with Old Salt) is already available for summer session.
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Image of Old Salt Marketplace courtesy Avila/EPDX

Good Keuken

5027 NE 42nd Ave., Portland, OR