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Ole Latte Coffee Pays it Forward; A Pizza Switcheroo

DOWNTOWN—Here's a soul-affirming story from downtown's Old Latte Coffee Cart: PoMo reports owner Todd Edwards has implemented a "suspended coffee" program, which allows guests to purchase an extra cup of coffee (or cookie, or scone, etc.) on behalf of a future customer in need. Edwards tracks all suspended purchases on an adjacent blackboard, which is often (hearteningly) full of donations. Read the full story at PoMo. [Eat Beat]

W. BURNSIDE—A pizzeria swap is underway on W. Burnside street: WWeek reports that the longtime Pizza Oasis space (in operation sine 1986) will be taken over by another Portland location of the Salem-based Straight From New York Pizza (not to be confused with NW 23rd's Escape from New York Pizza). It'll be the fifth location for Straight From New York, whose other PDX location is on SE Belmont. Per WW, the pizzeria hopes to open on Burnside next month. [WW]

NE ALBERTA—Onetime Garden State cart owner Kevin Sandri — who closed his beloved food cart in October 2011 — has a new gig, revamping the menu at the soon-to-reopen Alberta Street Pub. GoodStuffNW reports that the pub's new owners, Eli and Django Amerson, "are set to reopen in the coming weeks." [GoodStuffNW]

Image of Ole Latte courtesy Facebook