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Macheezmo Mouse Unleashes Cryptic Comeback Hints

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Onetime Portland-based fast food chain Macheezmo Mouse permanently closed up shop in 2003, taking with it its health-conscious approach to Mexcian fast food and its beloved line of Boss Sauce. The Oregonian first noticed it last month, but since its initial post, a clever and carefully crafted internet trail has since emerged to suggest the Mouse will soon make a comeback, 10 years after its initial shutter. In addition to the above update on an official website — promising "My return is imminent" — a playful Facebook page plays up the brand's guerilla-style campaign, calling for reports of mouse "sightings" around town.

According to a tipster, Macheezmo Mouse is eyeing a flagship location in the Beaverton area; although based on this hint, many fans are guessing that a food truck is in the works. Have a tip? You know what to do.
· Macheezmo Mouse [Official site]