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Oregonian's Diner 2013 Trickles Online; So Does WWeek's

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As per annual tradition, the Oregonian's 2013 edition of dead-tree restaurant guide Diner will soon hit newsstands, providing a detailed list of Portland's 125 best restaurants. And as usual, the slow drumbeat to June 21's Restaurant of the Year and Rising Star of the Year announcements begins with other sections of the guide rolling out online — starting today, with the guide to Southeast Portland's restaurant scene. (According to the introductory text, the slow roll-out helps reveal "evidence of Portland's growing stature on the national food scene.")

Meanwhile, WWeek took the occasion to drop its own Diner 2013 — "not a guide to the Portland area's best restaurants" — but instead a mini-guide to "seven diners we haven't been to in a while." It kicks off today with a trip to the Byways Cafe. After all, "Diner 2013: It's the best name for a series about Portland diners published in 2013."

In 2012, the Oregonian's Diner editorial board named downtown's Little Bird its Restaurant of the Year and the Woodsman Tavern its Rising Star. Who will be crowned ROY in 2013? Will restaurant critic Michael Russell engage in another round of Twitter guessing games? Stay tuned.
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