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Joe's Burgers Food Cart; Back to Eden Expanding Space

BEAVERTON—More burgers on wheels! The rapidly growing Joe's Burgers chainlet has launched a mobile truck that now serves burgers at the Saturday Beaverton Farmer's Market. [EaterWire]

SOUTHEAST—More vegan bakery news! In the third NE Alberta bakery update of the day, Back to Eden Bakery has announced that construction is underway to expand into its neighboring space, turning the site into an event space and classroom. The expansion will also see an increase in the bakery's outdoor seating. [EaterWire]

LAKE OSWEGO—More restaurants in Lake Oswego! Maybe. For interested restaurateurs looking to expand, Gramor Development has announced plans to erect a 65,000-square-foot development dubbed Kruse Village. The site will feature space for retail and restaurants. [OregonLive]