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Events On-Tap at Firehouse, Gruner, Wildwood, MORE

On this week's event-planning EaterWire:

NORTHEAST—Firehouse is teaming up with the Commons Brewery next Monday for a beer pairing dinner, where European-style farmhouse brews will accompany five courses of French and Italian summer fare. Exciting pairings include a course of skillet-cooked mussels and drawn butter, tomato braised octopus and aioli, and a baked pugliese, served with Urban Farmhouse beer. For a $60 seat, call Firehouse at 503-954-1702.

WEST END—Gruner will spotlight old country comfort food at this Thursday's Danubian dinner. To celebrate the Summer Solstice, chef Chris Israel will cook according to the flow of the Danube River, from Germany through Eastern Europe. Think Czech-style sausages, Hungarian bacon, and Slavic pork tenderloin paired with aperitif flights, cocktails, and wine. Reserve one of the $100 reservations here.

NW/ALPHABET DISTRICT—Water Avenue Coffee will schlep bags of beans to Wildwood for a coffee pairing lunch on Saturday, June 22. Starting at 1p.m., a procession of caffeinated cups will ensue alongside four courses, both sweet (strawberry jam coffeecake) and savory (grilled pork shop with coffee puree). In addition, Water Avenue's head roaster Brandon Smyth will be on deck to discuss all the esoteric subtleties of the beans. Call Wildwood for one of the $35 reservations.

N. WILLIAMS/MISSISSIPPI—Dishcrawl, the national dining concept that shepherds eager epicureans on an adventure from restaurant to restaurant, will be exploring North Williams and Mississippi Avenue on June 25. The route is to remain a mystery until the day of the event, but you can try deciphering the clues from @DishcrawlPDX on Twitter. For one of the $45 tickets, click here.

—Taylor Thompson

Image of St. Jack courtesy Avila/EPDX


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