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The Berlin Inn to Shutter, Transition into Brooklyn House

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After 21 years in a little "gasthaus" on SE 12th and Powell, the Berlin Inn Restaurant & Bakery has announced it will permanently close after service this Saturday, June 22, with plans to re-open under a new name. FoodDude was the first to publicize the announcement, made by co-owner Karen Brauer:

"This Saturday will be the last day that you will be able to enjoy the fabulous recipes of The Berlin Inn before we close for a month, after which we will re-open as The Brooklyn House Restaurant... Same house, same staff and a fresh new approach to European-style dining. Local, seasonal, comforting fresh food and beverages; leisurely dining; options for everyone, regardless of dietary preferences. From meat and potatoes to vegan and gluten free, all of our guests will have plenty of options for a delicious meal.

According to OLCC paperwork, the Brooklyn House will be co-owned by current Berlin Inn general manager Erica Litzner and offer "European-style comfort food." Projected opening date: mid-July.
· Berlin Inn [Offcial site]

Image of the Berlin Inn courtesy Facebook

The Berlin Inn

3131 SE 12th & Powell Portland, OR