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Restaurants Celebrate DOMA Strikedown; Ramen Ranking

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NORTHEAST—With this morning's news of the Supreme Court's strikedown of the Defense of Marriage Act, some restaurants are taking the opportunity to celebrate. Example: NE cocktail lounge Secret Society announced it'll donate 10 percent of tonight's proceeds to Basic Rights Oregon's local marriage-equality efforts. [EaterWire]

DOWNTOWN—Meanwhile, the folks at Voodoo Doughnut — always looking for something to celebrate — announced a DOMA dealfeed: All three locations will offer Voodoo's rainbow Fruit-Loop topped "gay bars" for $1, all day today. [Facebook via WW]

DORM ROOMS—Inspired by Andy Ricker's devotion to the Thai Mama brand of pre-packaged ramen noodles (they're on the menu at his noodle joint Sen Yai), WWeek's interns indulged in an epic 20-brand ranking of different instant noodles. (The Mama "Oriental-style" served at Sen Yai ranked third from bottom — made with its seasoning packet, the broth emits a "radioactive orange glow.") [WWeek]

Image of Secret Society courtesy Facebook