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Miss Zumstein's Cakes and Desserts Now Open in Old Salt

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[Avila, 6/26/13]

Things are getting sweet around Old Salt. Baker Anja Spence has swung the doors open at her brick-and-mortar location of Miss Zumstein's Cakes and Desserts, the formerly wholesale-only and special-order bakery. The space, located inside NE's Old Salt Marketplace, sees many of Spence's familiar treats — chocolate sandwich cookies, layer cakes, strawberry streusel bars, and seasonal tarts — now available inside a pastry case and served alongside a menu of Extracto espresso drinks. "The neighborhood's really been great," Spence says. "A lot of families, a lot of single folks, it's been a really warm reception. And we want to complement our neighbors next door, so longer hours would be perfect."

To that complementary end, Zumstein's opens early for breakfast, offering house-based morning pastries like blueberry muffins, cinnamon rolls, and scones (the desserts start rolling out by mid-morning). Starting today, the spot also offers savory items: quiche with sorrel and garlic scrapes, bread pudding strata using Old Salt's housemade sausages, and a vegetarian wedge of tortilla espanola.


In coming months, Spence plans to re-launch her Cookie of the Month Club ("The shop was taking our time and evergy away from things a little bit") and introduce outdoor seating. Miss Zumstein's special-order cake business, popular for weddings and birthday, is still up-and-running.

Hours of operation: 7a.m. to 2p.m., Wednesday through Friday; 8a.m. to 3p.m., Saturday and Sunday.
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Old Salt Marketplace

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Miss Zumstein's Cakes and Desserts

5027 NE 42nd Ave., Portland, OR